Refreshing the web site!

Time to give this place some love, isn't it? Long due, the web site just got a face lift, and an updated backbone (latest version of SquareSpace's solid system powering it). 

Not all is ready yet, most notably would be the galleries missing. We're also in the process of switching the photo software from Apple's Aperture to Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom. This is a major effort, but all new material is now going into Lightroom, and transfer of old material will come gradually. Galleries will be updated as material is available again…

What we do have, is a new page listing equipment we are selling. These are things we have used lovingly, and should be useful for some of you. Have a look, and support us by buying!

I've also had a couple of difficult years, with a serious disease preventing me from working. Things are finally improving (slowly, but still…) and I've just visited the island Sumba for an assignment, and will report on that soon. 2015 looks brighter!