Our sister web site, 'the bas/bou files' is up!

The bas/bou files is a Bouvet Foundation media project featuring Basil Rolandsen, unleashed.

Since Basil is happiest when being creative, we made this his playground where he can present things that fancy him. Can end up anywhere, but may also be interesting — he’s a kind of ‘round peg in a square hole’, and they tend to try and change the world. That could be nice.

We hope this web site may serve as an example of what the Bouvet Foundation may help others with. Everything here is produced in-house. Media presentation is important for all organisations, and we would love to discuss with you how we might help improving your information activities.

This web site presents activities through several channels: A web page with a description of the activity; a presentation through a photography web gallery, and a pdf brochure to be downloaded and shared. We plan to add videos as well.

The documents presented are produced with professional equipment, allowing flexibility in design and production.

The photographs are taken using a Nikon D3 camera, as raw files, and optimised for web presentation in photography web galleries made with a customised template in Apple Aperture.

The pdf brochures are made with Adobe InDesign software in print quality, and then optimised for web presentation.

The optimisation for web presentation reduces the size of the documents, making them ideal for on-screen viewing, but unsuitable for printing. This makes the opening of the web site much quicker; important when it comes to viewing photographs, as they start out quite large.

In other words, please don’t print this stuff, it will not look as nice as it was intended. If you want to use anything you see at this web site for printing, or for any commercial purpose, please contact us and we will find a satisfactory (and legal, ref our terms of use) way to do this.

Thanks, and enjoy the files!