Gamelan Orchestra at 'the bas/bou files'

We have a new section up at our Bouvet Foundation media project sister web site, 'the bas/bou files': 
Gamelan Orchestra from the Yogyakarta Kraton.  
You will find both a narrative, a web photo gallery and a downloadable pdf ebook there. Enjoy, and please share this info with others...

'Pengendang' in traditional garb playing 'kendang' drum during a performance by traditional gamelan orchestra at the Yogyakarta Kraton (Sultan Palace). 

Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta), Indonesia – 25 March 2010
Photo © Basil Rolandsen (

Javanese traditional music performed by the palace gamelan music ensemble directed by (pengendang) Mateus Anwar Widodo, in the Srimanganti Pendopo (performance pavilion) of the Yogyakarta Kraton (Sultan’s Palace).

The melodious gamelan music is being played by the Niyagas (gamelan players) dressed in traditional Javanese costume. The Pesinden (female and male) are singing with distinct, beautiful voices. The Pengendang, the man who beats a wooden slit drum called the Kendang, directs the performance, and usually also is the dance master. With the sound of kendang, he gives order to the gamelan players, to the singers and to the dancers.