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Classical Javanese court dance from Yogyakarta
You will find both a narrative, a web photo gallery and a downloadable pdf ebook there. Enjoy, and please share this info with others...

Young female dancer in costume performing javanese classical court dance with traditional gamelan orchestra at the Yogyakarta Kraton (Sultan Palace). 

Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta), Indonesia – 25 March 2010
Photo © Basil Rolandsen (

Javanese palace dance (tari kraton) performed by Maria Vincentia Ika Mulatsih SS, accompanied by the palace gamelan music ensamble, in the Srimanganti Pendopo (performance pavilion) of the Yogyakarta Kraton (Sultan’s Palace).

Kraton dance performances are accompanied by traditional ‘gamelan’ music, and follows strict rules as to dance movements, body and hand gestures that requires discipline to learn. The serene elegance, slow pace and constrains of its movements give Javanese court dance a meditative quality. These dances are heavily influenced by Javanese Hindu-Buddhist legacy, which is often reflected in the costumes, jewelry and story.