Copyright Infringement Solved

Sometimes bad things happen, and discovering that your work is used without an agreement made (and payment received) is bad enough – even worse when the picture has been manipulated and damaged to the point you hope nobody will see it...

This happened to one of my pictures recently. I discovered that one of my photographs were used without permission. Worse, it was edited, obviously also without permission... The cropping they did was bad enough, but they also photoshopped out elements in the picture, and very bad work was done. I was horrified, not least because they had given me credits for the picture (as is one requirement I make). Who would buy a picture from me, after seeing this example of my "work"...?

It was obvious to me that a mistake was made – I assume they intended to license the picture and suggest some changes made (why else give me photo credits?). Then something went wrong and the publishing happened. Well, we all make mistakes...

My big problem was the terrible changes made to the picture and the possible damage it could make to me professionally. I contacted the people using the picture and explained the problem to them. They immediately realized their mistake, pulled the web version (nothing to do about printed and distributed materials...) and paid my bill! Best solution anyone could hope for, and my respect goes to these honest people.

However, since somebody might see the damaged picture and visit this web page to see what this is about, I would like to show the original picture, part of a collection from East Timor:

Photo © Basil Rolandsen (