Iralalaru finished, Gariuai finishing!

Time passes quickly in good company, and we have finished the Iralalaru project for the HydroTimor people in Dili, East Timor. DVD delivered and being distributed together with the brochure to the politicians in government and parliament. You can find those at the website, though the downloadable version of the full video is not yet uploaded.

Right now we are working on the second (final) brochure for the Gariuai HPP project, also a HydroTimor assignment. That will be printed soon now (heading off to Jakarta in a couple of days!), and with delivery that project also will be finished. However, it seems like they want a video made, using the materials we already made in addition to new stuff to be filmed, so a small project probably will be formed.

Is that the end of the HydroTimor cooperation for BF? Perhaps not: the signs now say that the Atsabe HPP may be initiated later this year, and that info is needed and BF is wanted. We would like that, the HT people are great partners and Atsabe (in the Ermera mountains in East Timor) is a lovely area! The Bouvet Penguin is ready to play, as always...