“Smokin’ Meat” is a
Bouvet Media documentary on a
Texan meat smoker in Jakarta.

Frank's Bar & Smokehouse is a popular resto situated in the Kemang area of Jakarta, Indonesia. They BBQ and smoke meats following the traditions of Central Texas (USA), which in comparison to West and South Texas, relies heavily on beef (although pork and chicken gets its share of smoking as well).

Werner Jayson is the Pit Master (meat smoker) at Frank’s. He talks about how he developed a passion for smoking meat, the smoker he uses, and the process of smoking beef brisket, pork and other meats.

The central Texas style of BBQ and smoking had its start in the mid and late 1800’s, when German and Czech immigrants settled in Central Texas as farmers and they brought with them their traditional crafts of butchery, sausage making and smoking meat.

Some of them opened meat markets which in those days were butcher shops where vendors broke down whole animals and sold the meat. That is why the Central Texas style BBQ is often called “The Meat Market Style”. Lacking refrigeration, these butchers would preserve the less popular cuts of meat by smoking them or grinding them up for sausages which they would then sell as ready-made meals on butcher paper, as they serve it at Frank's.

These places weren't restaurants, so they didn't offer silverware, side dishes or sauces, just pickles and onions, a tradition they honour to this day at Frank's (with the addition of silverware, sauces and side dishes along with drinks).

In the late 1800’s the Cotton Industry came to central Texas and along came migrant cotton field workers by the thousands. Given the early morning hours that these migrants worked, to avoid the Texas heat, they came into these meat markets to eat BBQ from 7 am until noon. Over time, with BBQ proving so poplar and with the growth of specialty supermarkets, these meat markets evolved into restaurants which they remain to this day.

The history of BBQ and smoking meat in Central Texas thus goes back 150 years and to this day many of the famous mid-Texas smoke houses such as Kreuz Market of Lockhart Texas or Louie Mueller of Taylor Texas serve BBQ and smoked meats in the traditions that started 150 years ago.

Today, at Frank's they are “proud to bring some of these mid Texas smoking traditions to the good folks of Jakarta”.

(Courtesy of Frank’s story, as told in their menu.)


“Smokin’ Meat” was filmed 1 November 2015,
and is directed, filmed and edited by Basil Rolandsen. 
Music from Jukedeck (create your own at jukedeck.com).
A Bouvet Media Production.

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